Laurie Borden - Artworks

I come from a very artistic family, and am largely self-taught. My work, although sometimes painterly, sometimes highly resolved, would always be described as realism. I enjoy trying new approaches, mediums, and surfaces. Although I do occasionally work in pastel, and watercolor, and have recently rediscovered the fun and challenges of charcoal and graphite drawing, I work mainly in oil on linen canvas. My pieces have a wide range of sizes, including miniatures as small as one inch square, done on piano key ivory.

I have a background in advertising and commercial art, and enjoy taking courses and workshops from artists whose work I admire and respect. I feel one of the greatest things about creating art is the endless potential for growth and diversity. I learn something new every time I paint.

Because some paint colors are prone to fading, cracking, and yellowing over time, I use a limited palette of colors picked for their lightfast rating and archival qualities. The painting surfaces are chosen for their unique textures and archival qualities as well. I stretch my own canvases and prepare my own boards.

I work almost exclusively from life when painting still lifes and landscapes, but when painting portraits of children and animals I work from photo reference I take, and color studies I make on location. I also work from provided photos when necessary.

My influences are eclectic and include Whistler, Homer, Sargent, Liljefors, Klimpt, and Waterhouse, whose books I pour over for inspiration and enjoyment whenever I get the chance.

In each painting I strive for a timeless quality that captures the mood and personality of the subject - whether it’s a child, a pet, or just a pear. If I achieve that, I feel the painting’s a success.

My paintings are in private collections throughout New England, as well as California and Florida. I work from my home studio in Weymouth, Massachusetts.